TAB The Band At Firehouse 13 — Saturday

TAB the Band This may be a rare remaining opportunity to see these guys in quite such an intimate space, although Boston musicians TAB the Band (the name is an acronym of Tony, Adrian, Ben) have certainly paid their dues in such venues since coming together five years ago. Lou was invited on board in 2008 to help flesh things out as a singer, guitarist. . . piano player, songwriter. . . video editor, graphic designer. . . ferrier, sushi chef and he sews all the clothes worn in the act. (Some of that last part I made up, but his resumé is truly excessive.) Along the way the band’s catalog has been mined extensively by television music directors, and in the last year they have been touring with Stone Temple Pilots, Slash, and Cage the Elephant. They just played Mountain Jam and will head for Lollapalooza in August.

Adrian and Tony answered a few questions via email. As to what to expect on Saturday, the band has just finished recording all the tracks for a new album due out in the fall, with Black Keys producer Mark Neill, and will be playing much of that material. Let’s hope they still include some of the early stuff. If those older songs weren’t recorded live, they certainly have that feel, and I mean that in a good way. The band describes itself as a blend of arena rock, punk, power-pop; I would throw in a dash of the Rolling Stones during their country period. (Go listen)

So what are they listening to these days? Both Tony and Adrian are into the Kinks (pretty much mandatory at this point) and the Millenium. Adrian also listens to Jimmy Hughes (never heard of him, and when you Google that name, a lot of different murderers come up) and Chris Bell (Big Star). Tony likes “anything Jack White is involved in” (ditto), Sir Michael Rocks, aaaand I will be eternally grateful to Tony for turning me onto Beady Eye who I had never heard of and are right in my wheelhouse and made me late for work today.

Fun Fact: In his spare time, Adrian studied law at Georgetown, and is now a practicing intellectual property attorney in NYC. While there is an official band lawyer, Adrian keeps an eye on things as well, “There have been too many stories of bands not being engaged with the business side of things and then they end up getting screwed. That won’t happen with us.” Every band should have at least one lawyer.

Openers are local acts Baylock and Sunshine Riot who will get their own mention shortly.

(Photo by Carl Timpone. Left to right; Lou Jannetty, Adrian Perry, Tony Perry, Ben Tileston.)

$10, 8pm, Saturday, June18, Firehouse 13, 41 Central Street, 401.270.1801

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