Linc Stands His Ground

Thank you, Governor, for serving as the voice of reason

“Mr. Pleau is incarcerated in the Adult Correctional Institute (ACI) and currently stands untried for the September 20, 2010 robbery and murder of David D. Main. A transfer of Mr. Pleau to temporary federal custody would potentially expose him to the death penalty, a penalty consciously rejected by the State of Rhode Island, even for those guilty of the most heinous crimes.

” ‘My disapproval of the federal government’s request should in no way minimize the tragic and senseless nature of Mr. Main’s murder,’ Governor Chafee said. ‘The person or persons responsible for this horrific act must, and will, be prosecuted and punished to the full extent of the law. I extend my deepest sympathy to Mr. Main’s family for their unspeakable loss.’

” ‘Despite the horrific nature of this crime, however, the State of Rhode Island would not impose the death penalty,’ Governor Chafee continued. ‘In light of this longstanding policy, I cannot in good conscience voluntarily expose a Rhode Island citizen to a potential death penalty prosecution. I am confident that Attorney General Kilmartin and Rhode Island’s criminal justice system are capable of ensuring that justice is served in this matter.’ “

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