Assembly Of Light Choir At AS220

Assembly of Light Choir A special mention for tonight’s show (Sunday June 26) at AS220 featuring the Assembly of Light Choir started by local music notable Chrissy Wolpert. The tour was recently brought to my attention by choir member Jaime Lowe, a photographer currently living in New York City whose work has been featured on these pages. Her unique combination of talents inspired a request from Bust Magazine to blog a tour diary.

I’ve been singing in the Assembly of Light Women’s Choir. . . on and off for the past year. We’ve sung on Providence experimental doom band The Body’s critically-acclaimed 2010 album All the Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood, and we’ve opened for ESG at AS220’s Foo Fest.

Chrissy Wolpert . . . started the choir in 2008, when she invited a bunch of Providence ladies (artists, musicians, scientists, gardeners, teachers) to sing at her house. It’s Chrissy’s haunting and beautiful melodies, genuine patience, passion, and commitment coupled with the diversity and dedication of the twenty-three women in the choir that have inspired me to create a documentary photo story on the choir.

Wolpert is known also for her work with the Girls Rock! RI program. Other familiar faces in the choir include Natalja Kent and Maralie Armstrong of Bloodhuff and Reba Mitchell of Whore Paint. This secular choir sports some very cool coven-y handcrafted robes and cowls designed by Kristina Brown. Tonight’s show appears to be the grand finale closing performance for their 10-city tour with The Body. I believe they will be performing their collaboration with The Body as Jaime advises in her 6.21 entry, “Bring your earplugs.”

$6, 9pm, Sunday, June 26, AS220, 115 Empire Street

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