Hell Is Other People’s Music

lite radio First we should thank BankRI for sponsoring Monday’s Independence Day festivities at India Point Park. The evening starts with a concert by the Rhode Island Philharmonic, and last year that was great. However, I see the programmers will be repeating a much less welcome aspect of last year’s show.

The music performance will be followed by a 25-minute fireworks display at 9pm from Colonial Fireworks that will take place over Narragansett Bay at India Point Park. The fireworks will be set to music that will be heard at the park and simulcast on Lite Rock 105.

Fireworks don’t need any music really, but certainly not the sentimental, cloyingly patriotic pop-country goo that blared from (and overwhelmed) the speakers in our section of the park. The music programmer apparently combed through the Lite Rock catalog with search terms “America”, “Flag”, “Red”, “White”, and “Blue.” This gets you neck-deep in the worst of the worst that the current popular country music scene has to offer and pleased no one in our section of the park. Several people had to move away from the overtaxed speakers.

Obviously the radio station is a co-sponsor, but is it too late to reconsider? At least turn it down. And again thank you Bank RI.

Free, Monday, July 4, India Point Park, 7pm RI Philharmonic Summer Pops Concert, 9pm fireworks

6 thoughts on “Hell Is Other People’s Music”

  1. I’m sure I would have loved that. It’s just that the music I heard last year sounded like one long Ford truck commercial. I also want to distinguish this stuff from the events like up in Boston on the Charles River where the music and the fireworks are programmed and coordinated. But on the whole I’m just happy to listen to the fireworks.

  2. I was at the Phish festival in Watkins Glen this year (with the What Cheer? Brigade present as well). Phish had fireworks go off during their encore and the display continued after the band finished. They played Simon and Garfunkel’s “America” over the PA after the band left the stage while the fireworks display was still going. It was quite moving.

  3. Why do you need Lite 105 for a fireworks display? The Boston Pops certainly but a forced radio broadcast of Lee Greenwood? No, no, and hell no!

  4. Karen McAninch

    I wholeheartedly agree with Beth – and I daresay I am closer in age to the “old fots.” I could be wrong, but it didn’t seem like the music was selected locally at all.

  5. Give it a break Beth Let the old fots have one day a year. You get the other 364 for that new crap.

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