Movie Saturday — History Of Riot Grrrl

riot grrrl Although it is often credited with kick-starting the “third wave” of feminism, Riot Grrrl barely made a blip in the mainstream media. Yet Riot Grrrl paved the way for the more conventional “girl power” phenomenon. Several books and films have now been released on this 90’s musical and political subculture, but in the scramble for commemoration many women who were predecessors or contemporaries of Riot Grrrl have been ignored. From the Back of the Room chronicles the past two decades of female involvement in the DIY punk community and aims to give a more complete picture of the lives of these musicians.

A Q&A with director Amy Oden follows and we may have one more surprise (could it be. . . a band?) up our sleeve!

Free, 6pm, Saturday, July 16, Rochambeau Library, 708 Hope Street

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