‘Outside Providence’ Outside In Providence

outside providence Another good choice. Based on the semi-autobigraphical novel by Peter Farrelly, “Outside Providence” was directed by another Rhode Islander Michael Corrente. Janet Maslin liked it a lot and was particularly surprised at Alec Baldwin’s contribution as the father of teen Tim Dunphy (played by Shawn Hatosy).

The part of the film that details Dunph’s fractious relationship with his father is especially potent, thanks to a splendid performance from Alec Baldwin in a far cry from his usual roles. Beneath that leading man’s exterior is a tough, versatile character actor who can dominate a story from the sidelines, as the loudmouthed senior Dunphy does here.

Early 70’s soundtrack includes Lynard Skynard, Doobie Brothers and King Harvest.

Audience members are encouraged to point out streets they know and find fault with Baldwin’s Rhode Island accent (something New Yawker Maslin was probably not qualified to assess). Most actors drift into a weird Boston/Brooklyn hybrid.

Movies on the Block, dusk, Thursday, July 21, Grant’s Block, Westminster at Union Street

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