Weekend In Music

math the band Friday@Lupo’s, Acerose, Scare Don’t Fear, Deathwish, By Land And Sea, Condolence @the Apartment, Guy Dalton, Metcalf @AS220, the Sugar Honey Iced Tea, Last One Out, StarForce Trio, Toad Soda @Firehouse 13, the Legendary BSE, JFK and the Sharpshooters, the Navidson Record, Hanab-Ku, Sound Off, Terror Rising @the Met, the Muve, Daddie Long Legs, Grey Sanford @Waterplace Park, Sleeper Agent

Saturday@the Apartment, (75orLess Records Anniversary, 3pm) Mark Cutler, Girl Haggard, Broadcaster, the Doll Eyes, Coma Coma, the diePods, Soma Nova, the Propellers, Hank Sinatra Jr., Suicide Bill Cole, Six Star General and Kraig Jordan, the Birkitt Transmissions, the Blood Moons, Good Time Charlie, the David Tessier All-Star Band @the Met, Jocie Adams, Tallahassee, the Loom @the Spot Underground, Paranoid Social Club, Psychedelic Clown Car, Route 44 @AS220, Short handed Goal, Llama Tsunami, the Waffle Stompers, Bitchin Aardvarks @the Salon, Union Street Collective, LaRochelle @Firehouse 13, Antibodies, Revilers, usual Suspects, Reason to Fight, Oi! Division, Armed Response, Taxi Driver, Barroom Heroes @Local 121, Math the Band, Emotron, Andy the Door Bum

Sunday@AS220, Hampshire, Jim Kelsey, the Fierce Urgency of Now, Anthony Mattera

(Photo of Math the Band)

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