BSR Loses Terrestrial Signal

radio ga gaThis notification for those curious listeners who have a dedicated 88.1 button on their FM radio dial.

Beginning August 1 Brown Student and Community Radio (BSR) will begin broadcasting exclusively through its 24-hour webstream at For 14 years BSR could be heard from the evening to early morning on 88.1 WELH, a signal they leased from the Wheeler School in Providence. However, late last week, BSR learned that their terrestrial broadcasting opportunity through WELH would officially end on July 31.

BSR General Manager Ryan Lester says “We are definitely going to miss having a presence on the FM dial, but the daily broadcast time on WELH has never been the only essential outlet for our station’s spirit and mission.” The Internet has always played a pivotal role in BSR’s vision of maintaining an open space for curious listeners and programmers to gather, share and interact.

It will be missed.

2 thoughts on “BSR Loses Terrestrial Signal”

  1. To Kath – As of 8/1 you will know when you listen to 88.1fm and 1290fm…

  2. Is WRNI taking another community station off the air to build their signal? I’m all for NPR and all, but BSR was real community radio. Who is taking over WELH?

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