Congrats To Providence Pictures On Two Emmy Noms

building the great cathedralsIf you are a fan of Nova, the History Channel or the Discovery Channel then you have seen the work of local documentary producer Gary Glassman and his production company Providence Pictures. Having collaborated with these broadcasters to explore the Parthenon, the Sphinx, the Pharaohs and Troy, Providence Pictures has also produced features on more modern topics like forensics and space exploration. And now they have been nominated for two Emmys for the fascinating Building the Great Cathedrals aired last October on Nova. (Buy the dvd here.) From The ProJo,

It offered a dazzling view of some of Europe’s great gothic masterpieces as today’s scientists and art historians search for ways to preserve them. Glassman’s wife, Joan Branham, Ph.D., chair of the Department of Art & Art History at Providence College, was one of the art historians who provided expertise for the film.

Good news — four more “architectural” docs are in the pipeline. Can’t get enough. Good luck in September.

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