Wooly Fair This Saturday — Day Into Night

to the moon! [Just Added: Crazy Pix of Lunachix.]

This is always an interesting event. Here’s how the Woolies describe it.

Providence’s own do-it-yourself arts carnival Wooly Fair will once again delight the city on Saturday, July 30th, at the Steel Yard. This year’s theme is taking Providence To The Moon! There will be family friendly daytime festivities from 2pm to 6pm with wilder and woolier festivities from 8pm to 1am. Now in its seventh year, Wooly Fair is an annual explosion of expression by the local creative community and has evolved into an all-inclusive platform for music, performance, and participatory art for people of all ages from near and far.

This year’s Wooly Fair features a host of space-themed games, amusements, music, food, and interactive art exhibits. The Woolies are the creators of the event, a collection of Providence-area artists, writers, crafters, poets, designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs — art freaks and geeks who construct sets, conceive games, and put on the city’s only do-it-yourself arts carnival. Fairgoers are also all of the above, arriving in pranksterish costume to make art and enjoy a day of fun and creation.

This year we have coordinated with dozens of local artists and community organizations that are connected to the themes of science, innovation, and re-envisioning civilization as we know it to create outer space right here in Providence, including a geodesic dome (photo after the jump) and the Wooly Space Station.

Wooly Fair, 2pm to 1am, Saturday, July 30, the Steel Yard, 27 Sims Avenue

Sunset Dome

moon boots

moon dreads

moon hair

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