How About A Shore Dinner Hall For India Point

shooters What should we do with the former Shooters property? The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management wants your input. Keep in mind, this structure will soon be razed down to the foundation upon which developers can build. (I’m assuming that the insane idea once broached of using it for state office space is off the table.) According to the ProJo,

. . . the DEM is asking everyone interested in the site’s future to submit their views and ideas for what should be done here to the state’s Division of Purchases within the Department of Administration by 11:30am on September 8th. While the DEM’s request for information will probably draw proposals from developers, even citizens who have some idea what they’d like to see happen there can submit ideas, said Jerome D. Moynihan, assistant director for special projects at the Department of Administration.

“Any ideas that you have, feel free to submit them,” Moynihan told the visitors. “We are leaving the door wide open on this property.”

How about a shore dinner hall? Who reading this has not had out-of-town friends or relatives who immediately upon arrival have demanded seafood. And they never mean a fancy restaurant with forks and knives and cloth napkins — they want a plate full of fried clams and clam cakes and steamers and maybe even a lobster. There is nothing like this in the city.  And the location — with the view down the bay and a new marina — would be perfect.

3 thoughts on “How About A Shore Dinner Hall For India Point”

  1. Yes, YESSSSSS. By all means. This is something we need back in Rhode Island.
    This was something I sorely miss, it was a right of passage.

  2. Keep the crappy fried seafood shacks away! And ice cream or Dell’s or any other typical RI already done somewhere else idea. Go to Horton’s, please!

  3. As you suggest, however, it would be primarily attractive to tourists and only in the summer. I would prefer to see a mix of uses that can attract both tourists and locals on a year-round basis.

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