Providence On The Verge Of Lifting Overnight Parking Ban — But Needs Your Help

overnight parking signWe’ve written about this extensively over the years:  Ending the overnight parking ban would increase city revenues, decrease the rate at which the city gets paved over, and just make a lot of people’s lives a hell of a lot easier.  The City Council is debating whether to expand the (successful) pilot program — now in its fifth year — to cover the whole city.  They need to hear from Providence residents right away:

You can send an email to the Mayor and Council by clicking here.

And there’s a very active Facebook group here.

9 thoughts on “Providence On The Verge Of Lifting Overnight Parking Ban — But Needs Your Help”

  1. $100 to park in front of my own house that I pay taxes on is insane. This is a 400% increase over the current $25 a year for a permit. This is ridiculous.

  2. The parking ban is a pain, I agree. But I have to say that it’s really nice that our streets are not overrun with parked cars at night. In the 24 years I’ve lived here, I’ve seemed to manage with the overnight parking ban.

    Another concern: when it snows, getting the snowplow trucks or emergency vehicles through some of our narrower streets would be a nightmare in the winter.

    The overnight parking ban is what keeps our neighborhood much more liveable. Compare it to a place where cars are parked back to back night and day- it’s not the same. In student-dense neighborhoods, where there are typically more dwellers per building, it could be significantly change the quality of life.

  3. In civilized places, there’s a parking ban during trash pickup, and the street sweeping follows shortly after.

  4. I think it’s a good idea to allow parking in the street for the ruining of lawns with the paving over,etc.

  5. but does this mean someone will train the garbage men to actually pick up garbage cans that are “blocked” by cars? Our local truck can’t seem to do that whenever someone who doesn’t know about the (unposted in this neighborhood) parking ban parks by our house?

  6. Barbara Rosenbaum

    I totally support the lifting of the overnight parking ban in Providence. It’s about tome.

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