Flower of Fire Full WaterFire tonight, ignition at dusk. Fire sponsor Bananagrams will have a free game area set up at Market Square from 6pm to 11pm — win prizes. Live salsa music and performances at the ballroom stage in front of the Turks Head Building. Also, head over to Confluence Park (the little pointy area) for the Flower of Fire which may or may not look something like this.

A fire sculpture of a flower by artists Donna Dodson and Andy Moerlein will be set alight on the confluence downstream from the Steeple Street Bridge at 9:25pm during WaterFire Providence on. The collaboration between Moerlein and Dodson is born from a mutual love of the wild. Moerlein takes inspiration from events in the natural world that leave visual marks which strike a narrative chord in the artist. Dodson takes inspiration from the mysterious nature of animals that spark her imagination. Together these artists seek to create a piece that will surge up from the earth and burst into flame as if it was a creation of nature. The artists are looking to the heavens for inspiration this year.

Last August they torched a phoenix in the same location. Video after the jump.

7:47pm to midnight, WaterFire, Saturday, August 13, downtown


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