Fall Photo Explosion At AS220

cameras old Summer is drawing to a close, but you can still learn the best way to capture those last days of sunshine and the early days of fall by signing up for a photography class at AS220.

Students — looking for a yearbook photo that doesn’t suck? Sign up for our Portrait Photography class and save yourself the epic embarrassment of an awful yearbook photo! Looking for a new hobby to fill the days you used to spend in school? Pick up a medium format camera and and learn about life in a square frame.

Embarking on a new journey and looking for the tools and the knowledge to document your every step? We’ve got you covered. A plethora of photo know-how awaits you this Fall. Course list after the jump. Check it out!


Intro to the 35mm Camera

Thursday, Sept. 6th &13th / 7-10pm / $50 / At AS220 Photo at the Mercantile Block

Take the mystery out of the terms and usages of aperture sizes, f-stop numbers, shutter speeds, ISO numbers, focal length, synchronization speeds and any other aspect of the 35mm camera that you have ever wondered about! Students will learn to develop their own film in the darkroom, and learn the basics of shooting with traditional 35mm black and white film.

Alternative Process Series Vol.1 Cyanotype

Wednesday, Sept. 28th / 7-10pm / $40 / At Paul Krot Community Darkroom on the 2nd Floor of 115 Empire Street

Cyanotype is the oldest printing process still in use today and is the foundation of architectural blueprints. Come learn about his historic printing process and see your photos in a whole new light! All chemicals and supplies are included in the cost of this one night class.

Intro to Studio Lighting

Saturday, Sept. 10th / 12-4pm / $50 / At AS220 Photo at the Mercantile Block

In this one day course, students will learn the basics of studio lighting using a studio strobe kit. Learn foundations of lighting and understand how to manipulate light to produce high quality images of artwork, people and three dimensional objects. Students should bring their own digital of film camera to class.

Intro to the Digital SLR

Sunday, Sept. 18th / 1-4pm / $40 / At AS220 Photo in the Mercantile Block

In this one day workshop, students will learn how traditional photographic principals apply to a digital world. Come equip with your camera and the manual, if you still have it, and we’ll explore how the basic foundations of film photography can help you capture a better digital image.

Intro to the Black and White Darkroom

Tuesday, Sept. 20th & 27th / 7-10pm / $75 / At Paul Krot Community Darkroom

In this two week workshop, students will learn their way around the darkroom, from mixing chemicals to understanding enlargers, students will gain a hands on introduction to traditional black and white photo printing. Paper for test strips will be provided, but students are encouraged to bring their own paper and negatives to print from.

Photo Restoration

Friday, Sept. 30th / 6-9pm / $50 / At AS220 Photo at the Mercantile Block

Learn how to scan and retouch scratched and faded photos and film to restore family photos! Students will learn how to edit their images, how to prepare their files to print.


The JOBO and Film Scanning

Wednesday, Oct. 5th & 12th / 6-9pm / $75 / At AS220 Photo at the Mercantile Block

Learn to use our JOBO film processing tank to develop film outside the darkroom! Learn how to load film using a film changing bag, how to control time and temperature and safe handling of film and photo chemistry outside the traditional darkroom setting. Students will also get a basic introduction to film scanning in our digital photo lab once they have successfully processed their film.

Intermediate Darkroom

Thursday, Oct. 13th, 20th & 27th / 7-10pm / $100 / Paul Krot Community Darkroom on the 2nd Floor of 115 Empire Street

In this mixed level class, students with a foundational knowledge of the black and white darkroom will go into further detail and gain a better understanding of printing practices and expand on their knowledge of photo chemistry, paper types and film formats.

Medium Format Photography

Tuesday, Oct. 4th & 11th / 7-10pm / $75 / Paul Krot Community Darkroom on the 2nd Floor of 115 Empire Street

Learn about the world of medium format photography and medium format films and experiment with Twin Lens Reflex cameras. Students will have access to our collection of cameras for the duration of the class, and will learn how compose photos in a square frame. Students should bring two rolls of 120 size black and white darkroom film to class.

Photographing Artwork

Saturday, Oct. 8th & 15th / 12-4pm / $75 / AS220 Photo at the Mercantile

Use our studio strobe kit to learn how to take high quality photography or yours or your friends artwork! Classes will cover flat and three dimentional artwork and students will leave class with up to 5 digital images of their work to include in their websites, portfolios or resumes.

Alternative Process Series Vol.2 Van Dyke Brown

Wednesday, Oct. 26th / 7-10pm / $40 / Paul Krot Community Darkroom on the 2nd Floor of 115 Empire Street

Van Dyke Brown prints have been used since 1895. Van Dyke Brown can be used to give photos and “antique” look and feel, like they came straight from Grandma’s attic. All supplies and chemicals are included in this one night class.


Large Format Photography

Saturday, Nov. 5th / 1-4pm ; Thursday, Nov. 10th & 17th / 7-10pm / $150 / AS220 Photo at the Mercantile

A view camera works on the most basic camera principals and yields an impressive 4×5 (or larger) negative. These negatives can be contact printed or enlarged to epic proportions in the darkroom. The detail and precision from a view camera makes it the prefect camera for many artistic applications.

Advanced Darkroom

Monday, Nov. 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th / 7-10pm / $175 / Paul Krot Community Darkroom on the 2nd Floor of 115 Empire Street

This course is designed for experienced darkroom users looking to perfect their printing skills and master the darkroom to create professional quality prints suitable for gallery exhibitions, professional portfolios or commissioned work.

Digital Editing and Printing

Sunday, Nov. 13th & 20th / 12-4pm / $100 / AS220 Photo at the Mercantile

Students will build upon concepts of digital editing and printing using Adobe CS3 editing programs. Students will learn color correction, enlarging, cropping, creating color profiles, RGB and CMYK color settings, contrast and greyscale settings and digital manipulation and will have the opportunity to make professional grade digital prints.

Portrait Photography

Saturday, Nov. 12th & 19th / 12 – 4pm / $75 / AS220 Photo at the Mercantile

Learn to use AS220 Photo’s strobe kit and hot lights to create a appropriate and attractive lighting for studio grade portraits. In two class sessions, students will learn how to set up different lighting scenarios to highlight different traits and features, measure lighting using a light meter, and how to properly expose for film or digital.

Alternative Process Series Vol.3 Gum Bichromate

Wednesday, Nov. 23rd / 7-10pm / $45 / Paul Krot Community Darkroom on the 2nd Floor of 115 Empire Street

Gum Bichromate printing is a fun and highly experimental process that produced the first color photographs. Gum Bichromate printing was popular around the turn of the century and were used to make color separations similar to modern newspaper and magazine photo printing. All chemicals and supplies are included in this one night workshop.

Photo Restoration

Tuesday, Nov. 29th / 6 – 9pm / $50 / AS220 Photo at the Mercantile

In this one session course students will scan old, damaged and faded photos and learn how to retouch and restore the images with digital editing software. Students will also learn how to prepare their files for print.

Sign up soon or contact photo@as220.org for more info. And don’t forget, AS220PHOTO will process your film, photograph your artwork and print your digital photos. Check out our photographic services or stop by our new digs in Mercantile Studio 207 for more info.

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