Mad Max — Movies On The Block

mad maxTonight’s installment of Movies on the Block is Mad Max, the first in the Australian dystopian-revenge franchise that kickstarted the film career of narcissistic, god botherer Mel Gibson. Filmed in 1979, the action of the film takes place “a few years from now.” At the time the film was not favorably received by the pointy-headed elites at the New York Times,

Mad Max is ugly and incoherent, and aimed, probably accurately, at the most uncritical of moviegoers.

In other words, perfect outdoor movie fair. Go yell at the screen and prove him wrong — be critical. Also, music by Brian May. Weather may be an issue — check the MotB Twitter feed.

Movie starts at dusk, 7:31-ish, Thursday, August 25, Grant’s Block, Westminster Street at Union

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