We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Rake

moses brown

From the Office of the Mayor;

Do not touch any downed utility lines and stay away from fallen trees. Downed utility wires should be reported to the Fire Department at 274.3344.

Citizens are also urged to stay away from the Hurricane Barrier — dangerous waves and gusting winds will continue throughout the day and into the late evening. [Plus Bill Rappleye must be a raving lunatic by now. He has been describing wind for at least twelve straight hours. Maybe the Red Cross could bring him a thesaurus. BC] Stay away from flood waters. If you come upon a flooded road, turn around and go another way.

City officials are working closely with National Grid to restore service throughout the city. National Grid is working to restore power to more than 12,700 households in Providence as quickly as possible. Power outages can be reported to National Grid at 1.800.322.3223.

Seen here is the entrance to the Moses Brown School, home of the Fighting Quakers.

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