Nothing To Do?

nothing can Head down to Craftland and help kick off a revival of last year’s popular ‘Nothing’ campaign to benefit the Rhode Island Community Food Bank. Andy Smith interviewed Food Bank CEO Andrew Schiff for the ProJo,

Schiff said the original campaign in 2010, created by Nail, a Providence advertising agency, made $39,000 from can sales and another $35,000 from cans returned filled with coins.

Since then, the Nothing campaign has been licensed for use by food banks in Ohio and Vermont, for which the Rhode Island Food Bank received $19,000 in fees.

Wow, it got licensed. Sounds like they’ve got a hit on their hands. Pictured here is last year’s can (it is a bank with a slot in the top); it is unclear whether Nail has tweaked the design for the revival. The ‘Nothing’ campaign runs through the month of September.

11am, Thursday, September 1, Craftland, 253 Westminster Street

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