Movies On The Block — The Lost Boys

the lost boys What’s not to like. Kiefer Sutherland, the Coreys (Haim and Feldman). Tonight’s MotB (Providence’s only outdoor movie theater) is the 1987 horror-comedy The Lost Boys. According to the New York Times,

In ”The Lost Boys,” Joel Schumacher’s hip, comic twist on classic vampire stories, practical reactions to the unnatural seem normal. These lost boys are not Peter-Pan innocents, but teen-agers who dress like rock stars, roar through town on motorcycles and happen to fly through the air and drink blood. The hero is a boy who’s trying to save his older brother before the brother becomes a total vampire and before their mom comes back to see what a mess the house is.

Bring lawn chairs and blankets or you can watch the movie from the outdoor seating area at Tazza. Eno Fine Wines and Sura are located a block away should you want to enjoy a bottle of wine or some Korean food during the movie.

Free, Sunset is 7:19ish, Thursday, September 1, Grant’s Block, Westminster at Union Street

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