MuteMath At Met

mutemath New Orleans band Mutemath plays the Met Tuesday (9.20) in what they are calling their ‘Odd Soul Introduction Tour’. The ‘Odd Soul’ album is scheduled for release on October 4 so it looks like we have the weird spectacle of a band touring in front of its new cd, whipping audiences into a frenzy for music they can’t buy at the show. Generally this means that someone at the label (Warner Brothers) is a ass. It is also generally understood that fans don’t want to be fed too much unfamiliar music at a show —  stream the single ‘Blood Pressure’ at the website — so let’s hope it’s a mix of new and old.

Having said all this, Mutemath has a reputation for maniacal, high-energy live performances. Several years ago at the Paradise in Boston the band exploded onto the stage — performing their big single ‘Typical’ right out of the gate — and never let up, flinging themselves about the room with no regard to the laws of physics or their own personal safety. There is one official percussionist who keeps his drum kit up front at the edge of the stage — sometimes floating off into the crowd — but they all bang on stuff quite a bit.  And. . . there’s a keytar.

And yes, they are a Christian band I guess. I can’t hear lyrics so much, so I don’t even know if they are proselytizing or what. It didn’t come up at the Paradise show. (Check out the original, incredible video for ‘Typical’ after the jump. I still can’t sort it out. It was created in real time and they even performed it once on Jimmy Kimmel Live in front of an audience.)

$20, MuteMath, doors 8:30pm, show 9pm, Tuesday, September 20, the Met, 1005 Main Street, Pawtucket


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