Withnail And I — Movies On The Block Thursday

Withnail and I People love, love, love this movie, and with reason. Paul McGann and Richard E. Grant star as a couple of totally inept, perpetually sozzled, out-of-work actors who “go on holiday by accident.” According to Roger Ebert,

It is said that Bruce Robinson, the film’s writer and director, based it largely on his friendship in the 1960s with Vivian MacKerrell, a usually unemployed actor and full-time alcoholic. They shared lodgings and misery in London, where Robinson recalls being down to one light bulb and taking it with him from room to room.

The naturally histrionic Richard E. Grant was born to play the role of Withnail, a chronic tosspot,

. . .  consumed by an unslakable thirst. Withnail is also possessed by fury. He is angry at everyone and everything almost all the time, except when a brief window sometimes opens between his last hangover and his next binge.

This is the last of the Movies on the Block shows for the 2011 season. Bring a sweater and lawn chairs and maybe blankets. And stop into the nearby Eno Fine Wines where you can purchase the “finest wines known to humanity.” (Movie trailer after the jump.)

Free, starts at dusk 6:19-ish, Thursday, October 6, Grants Block, Westminster at Union Street


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