Coffee Shop Closes

the edge

The Edge in Wayland Square is now closed.  Explanatory farewell door sign after the jump.


9 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Closes”

  1. Looking forward to see what steps in after it’s gone. I agree about the absurdly early closing time. And it could use a little warmth and comfiness to it’s interior. If i want all that I usually go to a better coffee shop on the east side (specifically on Wickenden…without naming names 🙂

  2. I’ll definitely miss it.

    I used to have lunch there every day for two weeks of the year, when our family would visit my wife’s parents over Xmas and New Year.

    That was the plan this year, too, so this is a real pisser. The Edge broke the monotony of the day and provided a welcome jaunt outside the house.

    I used to enjoy the food and don’t understand the remarks about poor quality and mediocre coffee. For someone with a European palate, decent coffee is almost impossible to find in the US (almost as hard as decent bread and decent cheese), but The Edge’s was good.

    What’s left now? Starbucks? The McDonald’s of the warm beverage industry won’t be getting my custom, that’s for sure.

  3. I’m not crying any tears over this one. Poor service and high prices for low quality ingredients. They’d always close absurdly early so im happy that they’ve freed up some space for better development.

  4. well, I’m with Brian. Sad to see it go. Great coffee and a nice place to hang out thats not Starbucks.

  5. Good riddance.

    Rude. Messy. Unorganized. Unimpressive coffee and snacks. Expensive.
    How they lasted this long, who knows.

    Wayland looks to be turning a new leaf with fresh business anyhow.

  6. I’m not reall shocked or disappointed. My coworkers and I all stopped going there because the food was expensive yet low-quality, and the service was astoundingly slow.

    If we want cheap food of the same quality, there are plenty of other places in Wayland Square to get it. If we have time to wait but want good food, we go to Farmstead or Haruki.

    I’m surprised the Edge lasted as long as they did with that business model. There’s another restaurant in the area with the same slow/bland/expensive philosophy, and I don’t expect that to last long either. Without naming names, it’s the hot dog & ice cream joint.

  7. ughhh this bums me out so hard! I used to work at the CVS around the corner and they always used to hook me up when I was super hung over…

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