Mayor Issues Statement To Occupy Providence

burnside park Mayor Angel Taveras has issued a statement regarding the future of the Occupy Providence protesters camped out in Burnside Park. Taveras enumerates some of the problems he sees developing on the site that have prompted some of the confrontations in another cities but goes on to say,

. . . Commissioner Pare and I have not taken police action. Instead, in the near future, we will petition the Courts for a ruling on the viability and constitutionality of this encampment. This will allow the protesters to have their day in Court and for a full public, legal vetting of the issues.

Accordingly, we have issued a notice asking the protestors to vacate Burnside Park by Sunday, October 30. We have made clear that protestors are welcome to return to the park everyday during park hours of 7am to 9pm. If protestors do not vacate Burnside Park on Sunday, the City will NOT follow the actions of other cities like Atlanta, Chicago or Oakland that have resulted in arrests and violence. Instead, the Courts will consider the merits of this issue over the next few weeks.

Click here for full text of statement. Officials are undoubtedly counting on the weather to move at least some of the campers along. Meanwhile in Oakland injured Iraq War veteran Scott Olsen has been upgraded to ‘fair’ while Occupy Oakland has started a call for a General Strike on Wednesday, November 2.

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  1. As a Providence resident, taxpayer and voter, I’m very glad that our police will not be dragging protesters from the park. The park is cleaner and safer than it’s ever been in my living memory, democracy is practiced and the city and occupiers are working together to keep it peaceful.

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