Beerfest Saturday

beer festival Attention beer lovers who can prove they are at least 21 years old with a driver’s license or some other government issued form of ID — the Great International Beer Festival will be in town Saturday, November 5.

Local brews Newport Storm and Narragansett will be representing as well as Crispin Cider (not to be confused with Crispin Glover).

Two sessions: Afternoon from 1pm to 4:30pm, and evening from 6:30pm to 10pm. No backpacks allowed . . . not a bad rule for life in general.

$40, Saturday, November 5, R.I. Convention Center, One Sabin Street

4 thoughts on “Beerfest Saturday”

  1. With all the craft beers available from nearly every decent liquor store these days, many of whom are starting to offer mix a six deals, combined with the many bars offering a far more interesting minor label/craft draft selection to accompany their expanded bottled selection, these sloppy drunkfrat entry-fee beerfests are running themselves out of relevance.

  2. This beer festival is terrible. We went years ago and have never returned. Drunken obnoxious frat boys getting wasted, limited bathrooms with the longest lines ever (I am a beer fest connoisseur, believe me, I know my beer festivals) and frankly not a whole lot of ambience at the Convention Center. No thanks. I’ll save my 40 bucks and spend it on some Six Point to enjoy home.

  3. I second the comment above. That’s too much just to get in. You can have a premium mixed 12 pack for that same amount.

  4. What a ripoff! I can’t believe they’re charging $40 for this festival now when better festivals with much better beer cost the same amount.

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