Blossom S. Kirschenbaum

She made a mark on the streets and the schools of our city. She made Norman Mailer get red in the face. Mother, writer, scholar and activist…
Blossom S. Kirschenbaum

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  1. Today I had a few minutes to see why my neighborhood alerts and cultural events were being returned from Blossom’s email and learned she is no longer with us in this life. Despite our being on opposite ends of the political spectrum, we were friends and always enjoyed each other’s company and found a lot of common ground. A good soul in every way. Requiem in pace. Ron

  2. Shloshim: thirty days! Thirty days ago we lost Blossom. As the realization of this loss sinks in, we are reminded that we need to make some adjustments to our expectations. We can no longer expect a cheerful grandmotherly figure starting a conversation with our baby or toddler on the Boulevard or in Whole Foods. Local musicians and galleries can no longer expect to Blossom enthusiastically clapping at their performances and admiring their exhibitions. The various libraries and book clubs in town lost a faithful, erudite, participant who could always elevate the level of discussion above the mundane. The annual Limerick Contest at Rochambeau will have less quirky entries. The organizations of Amnesty International, the Jewish Alliance Leisure Club, PFLAG and SWAP lost a member and a selfless supporter. The audiences of theaters in town and the international film series will no longer hear her infectious laugh. The school department and local politicians have lost a thoughtful supporter and critic. Aspiring writers and students have lost an ad hoc editor. The Italian Department at Brown and its affiliated groups lost an enthusiastic reader, critic and admirer of Italian literature. We have all been impoverished by Blossom passing away, and Providence now lacks a vibrant, purple spot, that will be sorely missed. Worst of all, I lost a dear friend that can never be replaced.

  3. Ciao Fiorello! Blossom had the joiedevivre associated with breezy primavera, she could be fun and engaging, after a lecture at Brown she removed her shoes and ran barefoot in the rain… We talked about literature and life she equally loved so much… I am happy she was my friend!

  4. Blossom was everything everyone here has said, someone who loved children and people of many ages, who loved to celebrate, as well as protest, who was generous sometimes quietly, too.

    She had a great sense of humor, too…

  5. Penina Posner

    If you spent just 5 minutes with Blossom Kirschenbaum, you couldn’t help but recognize her keen intelligence and vibrant spirit. Those of us fortunate enough to have spent more time in her company got to see an intellectual and an activist devoted to Providence who was willing to give a great deal of her time and energy fighting to make a better world.
    Blossom, you will greatly missed, but your influence will remain…

  6. Thanks for posting. Blossom was definitely a part of Providence for me, and she will be missed.

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