The German Word For Salon Is Salon

Felix Kubin/RISD So tonight’s artist should have no trouble finding the venue. (I am going by the translation widget on my Mac.) Anyway, interesting happenings tonight at the Salon. A recent write-up from the New Museum in New York City has this to say,

As a composer, animator, DJ, and radio playwright, Felix Kubin has been exploring boundaries between East and West for more than two decades. Working from Hamburg—thirty miles from the Cold War’s inner German border—Kubin is best known for his rampantly eclectic electronic music, which imagines an alternate Soviet-dominated future, appropriately accompanied by a burbling, space-age soundtrack. This longing, projected across the iron curtain, is further articulated by Kubin’s participation in the Dada-Communist singing group Liedertafel Margot Honecker; the radio play Territerrortorium, a German-Polish noise battle with the artist Wojtek Kucharczyk (Skoczow, Poland); and an extensive collection of Eastern European underground music.

So, one of those. It is not known whether tonight’s event will be anything like, but you get the idea. (And I really like the word Territerrortorium.) Kubin will be joined by local electronica-veronica Blevin Blectum and other members of the MEME program at Brown, as well as some of the RISD Digital Media students. Listen here. Ist gut, ja?

8pm to 10:30pm, Thursday, November 10, the Salon, 57 Eddy Street

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