DownCity Cameo In Lame New TV Show

There is really no reason to spend your life watching the pilot of New Girl, but if you did so, you may have noticed the intersection of Pine St and Peck St in an irrelevant, split-second shot. Check out the “Downtown Providence” street sign that looks like a Mondrian painting.

4 thoughts on “DownCity Cameo In Lame New TV Show”

  1. McFadden’s was also just on the show Pretty Little Liars that aired on Monday February 20th.

  2. I’m currently watching also on Hulu+ and I seen this I was like OMG and started to scour the internet trying to find answers. But that’s definitively Downtown, Providence.

  3. On one episode of How I Met Your Mother were characters were shown eating at a restaurant whose exterior shot was shown to be Capriccio. CBS must have a deal with Providence establishing shots!

  4. Thought it was pretty humorous actually. Though wish shows would start to be based in Providence rather than simply filmed here.

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