Oppose Internet Censorship — And Have Your Name Read From Floor Of US Senate

Demand Progress is teaming up with Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) on a pretty cool action: The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) would ruin so much of what’s best about the Internet: They’d give the government and corporations new powers to block Americans’ access to sites that are accused of copyright infringement, force sites like YouTube to go to new lengths to police users’ contributions, and put people in prison for streaming content online.

There’s a good chance this legislation will pass – but Senator Wyden is a steadfast opponent, and he says he’ll try to block it by filibustering if it comes up for a vote.

Sometimes filibusters last hours – or days – leaving Senators reading out of the dictionary or cookbooks to pass the time. But we’ve got a better idea: Millions of Americans support Internet freedom. What better way to demonstrate our strength than to ask Senator Wyden to read our names into the record during his filibuster?

He’s agreed to read censorship opponents’ names from the floor of the Senate, and to try to enter the rest into the Congressional Record. You can sign up here, and check out his video here:


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