Meet/Honor Whitehouse Friday At Z Bar

Z Bar From Ocean State Action,

Join the Progressive Democrats of RI to honor Senator Sheldon Whitehouse as he receives the first Progressive Hero Award. Come and thank him for his outstanding job of representing RI in the U.S. Senate and hear him speak about the challenges facing the country in the upcoming election year.

Hors d’oeuvres and cash bar available. Suggested topics: restoring Glass-Steagall, how to fix Citizens United, taxing financial transactions, taxing billionaires.

[Additional Note: The commenter is absolutely correct. Whitehouse should be questioned vigorously on his recent vote on the National Defense Authorization Act — as well as his understanding of the Fourth Amendment —  the moment he walks through the door. Read Glenn Greenwald at Salon. Progressive my ass! BC]

$30 donation suggested, 4pm to 6pm, Friday, December 9, Z Bar & Grille, 244 Wickenden Street

2 thoughts on “Meet/Honor Whitehouse Friday At Z Bar”

  1. It appears that he also voted in favor of the National Defense Authorization Act, allowing the U.S. government to imprison citizens indefinitely and without charge. That alone should disqualify him from any kind of Progressive Hero Award.

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