Embarrassing Tree Battle On Daily Show

Daily Show 12.6.11 Well, we made The Daily Show. Of course Jon Stewart does a great job of skewering the lying fools at Fox News who this week made little Doreen Marie . . . a star! (She looks like she’s going to wet her pants she’s so excited.) Laura Ingraham chimes in and gets her history all balled up citing the Pilgrims to support her pro-Christmas position (they outlawed it). And that Gretchen creature was apparently unaware that the Rhode Island “War Against Christmas” was actually started by Republican Governor “Holiday Don” Carcieri a few years ago (proof after the jump). I demand that Bishop Tobin excommunicate Carcieri immediately!

Go here to watch the Tuesday, December 6th segment “Tree Fighting Ceremony”.

Feel free to call State Rep. Doreen Costa at 401.206.6891 and tell her what you think of this issue.

Daily Show 12.6.11

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