Tree Wars Tarnish the Tinsel

This is getting creepy. Three people I know have repeated the same talking point–‘The Jews would not call a Menorah a candlestick’. It’s not the approximately 2% of Rhode Island who are Jewish fueling the indignation over having to share civic space. So why, all of a sudden, are Christian radio talk show hosts and others presuming to speak for them?

I Want Some Peace and Goodwill for Christmas

2 thoughts on “Tree Wars Tarnish the Tinsel”

  1. Menorahs are not candlesticks. They are candelabras. In any case, the word menorah just means lamp. In modern Hebrew, the menorah is called a Hanukkiyah.

    Christmas trees are symbols of the Christian faith, and as such they do not belong in state buildings. Our Constitution prohibits the establishment of religion by government. Lighting a Christmas tree is indeed establishing Christian religion. Calling it a Holiday Tree makes it sound less like that is what is happening.

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