Portlandia And Downton Abbey This Week — Yay

feminist bookstore Friday, 10pm, IFC: At this point Portlandia is in danger of over-exposure and the inevitable backlash from people who have to to be the first to hate something. But if the sneak preview — “Wanna come to my DJ Night?” — is any indication, hating on this show is going to be hard. (Armisen and Brownstein have even been touring live but the two upcoming shows in NYC and Brooklyn are already sold out.) The denizens of Portlandia will be instantly recognizable to liberal-leaning, college towns everywhere, as evidenced by Armisen’s recent SNL skewering of the Northampton crowd (video). Also of interest, a recent New Yorker profile.

Sunday, 9pm, PBS: Downton Abbey returns and while there is nothing particularly recognizable about these lives the show is fantastic.

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