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sajo can The Providence Cookie Co. at 17 Peck Street is once again open for business, with a few changes. Seen here is new owner Sajo Can with his wife whose name I did not get I’m sorry. Things were hectic it being the first day and all, and Sajo is quite the talker. I believe a grand opening is on tap for tomorrow; the Mayor is expected. Happily, former proprietor Bette Hills is still behind the counter (picture after the jump). Hills and Can have known each other for years having been business neighbors back in the Arcade where he ran the Salad Bowl right next door to the cookie shop. After the Arcade closed and kicked all the tenants out, Hills moved her Providence Cookie Co. to the Peck Street location until having to close last August. But now they are up-and-running once again, and offering lunch options as well (I think I saw grape leaves and maybe falafel).

Just get in there and say ‘hi’ and buy a cookie. (I can vouch for the Coconut Scrumptions which were very favorably reviewed at a nearby law office.)

Bette Hills is back!

bette hills

5 thoughts on “Providence Cookie Reopens”

  1. Chill out bro. Why don’t you call up the place and find out the information yourself? This is just a blog post about a cookie store, not the Pentagon Papers.

  2. Furthermore, it is clearly asking too much for Jeffinprov to keep his subjects and verbs from disagreeing with each other. So there!

  3. Is it asking too much for Ms. Comery to have: a.) gotten the wife’s name rather than apologizing for not doing so; b.) being clear if tomorrow is a grand opening or not; or even c.) being sure about whether she saw grape leaves and maybe falafel or not? It’s one thing to have to put up with this level of journalism in the Projo, but please, not here.

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