Jessica Ahlquist — First Amendment Hero

why It surprises absolutely no one that the decision by U.S. District Court Judge Ronald R. Lagueux in the Cranston High West prayer banner case has roused an army of cowardly basement-dwellers to a noble and inspiring defense of their Christian faith. So far this has involved turning on their computers — none of which appear to feature Spell Check — and anonymously directing a deluge of vile invective and threatening comments at Jessica Ahlquist, the brave teenager who initiated the suit. (According to the ProJo, democratic state representative, and father of two, Peter Palumbo characterized the teenager on Thursday’s John DePetro Show as, “. . . an evil little thing.” What elevated and enlightening commentary from an elected official. But, he did not hide behind a computer, I’ll give him that.)

In a related story, “Church attendance dropping among less-educated white Americans.” Come on people, you can go to churches to pray and you can go to schools to learn. If you refuse to do either, fine. But just shut the hell up.

[Additional Note: Go here to join the ‘I Stand With Jessica’ Facebook page.]

3 thoughts on “Jessica Ahlquist — First Amendment Hero”

  1. Such mean words. Beth you are no better than the extremist christians that have been roused from their basements, as you put it. Not all people of faith are uneducated and white, but I will forgive you for your hateful generalities.

  2. “. . . an evil little thing.” How Christian of him.

    No, I’m not being sarcastic. I really mean that.

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