Best Actress Nom For Viola Davis

viola davis Rhode Island native Viola Davis has been nominated for the ‘Best Actress’ Oscar for her role in the movie The Help . . . or as Charlie Rose kept saying, Help. (Who did she play, Ringo?) Davis last made the local papers by helping out the cash-strapped library in her home town of Central Falls. According to IMBD,

Her family moved to Central Falls, Rhode Island when she was two months old. Davis has described herself as having “lived in abject poverty and dysfunction” during her childhood.

Davis credits in part her involvement in the arts at her Alma mater, Central Falls High School, for her love of stage acting. Davis majored in theater at Rhode Island College, graduating in 1988; in 2002 she received an honorary Doctorate in Fine Arts from the college. . . While Davis was a teenager, her talent was recognized by Bernard Masterson when, as director of Young People’s School for the Performing Arts in Rhode Island, he awarded Davis a scholarship into that program.

As to how this category might play out: Mara is too new, it’s not her “turn” yet; Close and Streep might split the “look at me, I’m acting” vote; and the Marilyn movie was a bit of a bore. Davis just may have a shot at this thing. (More at Oscar nominations.)

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