Free Scoop AmeriCone Dream Tuesday

AmeriCone DreamWhile supplies last! To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Stephen Colbert’s AmeriCone Dream ice cream, participating Ben & Jerry’s shops will have a free single scoop give-away from 5pm to 8pm, on Tuesday, Valentine’s Day. And the Meeting Street shop is participating! I know cuz I checked.

A new AmeriCone Dream SuperPAC Pack 2012 Collectable [sic] Package is available with its fudge-covered waffle cone bits, “sweeter than the Bill of Rights, colder than Valley Forge, and twice as much caramel as the Louisiana Purchase.” Proceeds from the sale of this AmeriCone Dream will benefit the Yellow Ribbon Fund and Donors Choose, so go buy a pint too. (See the February 1st Colbert Report for details.)

And I repeat, while supplies last! I can’t stress that enough. And only AmeriCone Dream.

[Note to Stephen: ‘Collectable’ is not listed as an accepted spelling in The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language; it’s more of a British thing really. But good men died at Valley Forge so the limey bastards at the OED couldn’t push us around any more, and this is America the greatest country in the world!]

Free scoop AmeriCone Dream, 5pm to 8pm, Tuesday, February 14, Ben & Jerry’s, 237 Meeting Street

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  1. When you buy this flavor by the pint package (second paragraph) the proceeds go to charity. Today’s scoop is free.

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