“City Hell?” They Have No Idea

City HellThe Syfy “Ghost Hunters” (a couple of local plumbers actually) suspect that the ghost of long-dead Mayor Thomas A. Doyle may still be taking the occasional whazz in a fifth floor bathroom in Providence City Hall. Even if true, it is sooooo the least of our problems.

I need to go on record with the following statement: This show is really stupid and our nation would be a lot better off if people stopped believing in paranormal phenomena and started using their senses, reason, and intellect to interpret the world. Our country needs more scientists not palm-readers, psychics and spoon-bending charlatans. This mystical, magical dreaming is what allows people to even consider the illogical tenets of Creationism. (And some of these people want to be President . . . of the United States!) Having said that, Providence City Hall is featured for about 20 minutes in tonight’s episode.

9pm, Wednesday, February 15, Syfy

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