Should Hip Hop Artists Be Accountable For Their Words?

salomon center Author Michael Eric Dyson (“Know What I Mean?” and “Is Bill Cosby Right?” ) and finance professor, public scholar, and political commentator Boyce Watkins will take on this controversial topic Thursday at Brown University.

An international phenomenon, hip hop music has arguably transformed the artistic and cultural landscape of our generation. While it is widely accepted as influential and pervasive, hip hop remains the subject of heated debate as well as criticism for its often controversial content and language. With allegations that hip hop affects perceptions of sexism, racism, and glorification of violence, to what extent can or should artists be held accountable for their words and imagery?

Another installment of the ‘Political Theory Project’ over at Brown University.

4pm to 6pm, Thursday, February 23, Salomon 101, Main Green, Brown University

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