Soundscape 002 At The Salon

soundscape 002 (2.24) Friday at the Salon — explorations in sound, video and performance. VJ Beth Wexler describes it thusly,

It’s quite a bit different from Indie Dance Party. It’s a bit more of an art sound/noise night. There will be four or five 20-30 minute performances, all experimenting with sound and video performance.

Performances will include Scientifically Speaking with Irene Moon, D84 (Blevin Blectum), and Flight from Desire with Catherine Siller & Liat Berdugo. In between there will be DJ sets by LaRochelle of the Union Street Collective and Indie Dance guy Tim O’Keefe, as well as a VJ set by Ms. Wexler. (Facebook)

Free, 10pm to 2am, Friday, February 24, The Salon, 57 Eddy Street

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