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BankRI Gallery Rod O'Connor

That doesn’t usually need to be said, but at first glance the work of local photographer Rod O’Connor reads as painting. The image here is of ‘Providence Docks.’

O’Connor uses an unusual photographic system in his work – high dynamic range technique.  The technique sandwiches several versions of the same shot, all taken with a tripod and slightly different exposures, in one photograph.  “By taking multiple exposures of the same image and combining them all in one large file, I capture a wider range of color and detail,” O’Connor explains.  He makes very few adjustments to the final file and feels “that the image should be what it is.”

Consequently his photographs have a still, serene quality with a painterly edge. He is attracted to quiet arrangements of colors and shapes, the mundane moments of life others might not notice.

“I have just been enjoying the finding of the pictures,” O’Connor muses.  “It’s not just what the pictures are of, but what they become.  By defining the space, by putting a box around it, it makes it something else.”

(A nod to BankRI Galleries curator Paula Martiesian, a Providence-based artist and arts advocate, who keeps finding such interesting work.)

Hours: Monday through Friday 9am to 7pm/Saturday 9am to 3pm/Sunday noon to 4pm.

Through April 4, BankRI Gallery, 137 Pitman Street

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  1. Rod O’Connor is a photographer who will become well known for his passion for what he does and for his ability to capture the essence in a photograph.

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