“Ban The Bag”

plastic bags “Rhode Islanders use about 525 million bags annually, or enough to circle the earth more than six and a half times.” This extraordinary statement — based on plastics industry figures — comes from a recent piece by Rowan Sharp over at ecoRI News.

Since 2007, plastic bags have been banned in San Francisco and several other California cities; Westport, Connecticut; Portland and Seattle; Austin, South Padre Island, Fort Stockton and Brownsville in Texas; and more than nine countries including South Africa, France and China.

Sharp reports on the efforts of environmental advocate Channing Jones of Environment Rhode Island.

This winter, Jones launched a campaign he calls “Ban the Bag,” to raise awareness about the environmental impact of plastic grocery bags and urge elected officials to pass town/citywide bans. While the goal is action at the state level, Jones believes it’s best to start small and build popular support.

Last year’s legislation in the general assembly to tax the bags into oblivion was defeated. Let your representatives know that you support an outright ban on these urban tumbleweeds — just like those notorious tree huggers in Texas.

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