Battle Royale At The Granoff

battle royale (3.10) The Arkham Film Society invites you to a rare public screening of Kinji Fukasaku’s epic Battle Royale.

Kinji Fukasaku stated that he decided to direct the film because the novel it was adapted from reminded him of his time as a 15-year-old munitions factory worker during World War II. At that time, his class was made to work in a munitions factory. In July 1945, the factory came under artillery fire. The children could not escape so they dived under each other for cover. The surviving members of the class had to dispose of the corpses. At that point, Fukasaku realized that the Japanese government was lying about World War II, and he developed a burning hatred of adults in general that he maintained for a long time afterwards.

Also for those interested Ada Books will be selling copies of the Battle Royale novel at the ticket table before this screening.

You probably know whether you want to see this or not already.

$6, 7pm, Saturday, March 10, Granoff Center, 154 Angell Street

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