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Julianne Moore Julianne Moore’s uncanny portrayal of Sarah Palin is just one reason to check out “Game Change” on HBO this Saturday. Writer Danny Strong and director Jay Roach were the genius team behind “Recount” the retelling of the 2000 election fiasco that is almost unbearably painful to watch. You keep hoping it will end differently.

Further validation comes from McCain’s former campaign strategist Steve Schmidt who told the L.A. Times after watching the production,

“This was a surreal experience for me,” Schmidt said of the movie, in which he is played by actor Woody Harrelson. “Ten weeks of the campaign are condensed into a two-hour movie. But it tells the truth of the campaign. That is the story of what happened.”

The republican party’s love affair with willfully ignorant simpletons really kicked into high gear with Palin.

“Game Change” shows Palin, portrayed by Julianne Moore, thrust on to the international stage, only for her handlers to belatedly discover the huge gaps in her knowledge of the world — ignorant of the Federal Reserve System, mistakenly believing Saddam Hussein ordered the 9/11 attacks against the United States and unaware that the prime minister, and not Queen Elizabeth II, ran the British government.

If you haven’t seen “Recount” make a point of it.

Premieres 9pm, Saturday, March 10, Game Change, HBO

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