“I Am Providence”

HPL headstoneFor many people around the world H.P. Lovecraft, writer of horror, fantasy and science fiction, is why they’ve heard of Providence at all. Lovecraft is considered one of the most influential horror writers of the 20th century by Joyce Carol Oates, Stephen King and his legions of fans.

Today is the anniversary of Lovecraft’s death. He was buried in Swan Point Cemetery with his name inscribed on the Phillips family monument, but in 1977 a group of admirers funded a separate headstone. Fun fact — according to Quahog.org,

Although it is nearby, Lovecraft’s body does not actually lie beneath his donated headstone, a fact that was evidently unknown to the person or persons who, on the night of October 13, 1997, apparently tried to dig him up.

The hole was discovered on the morning of the 14th by a Swan Point security guard. It was about three feet deep and the dirt at the bottom appeared to be undisturbed. Did the diggers merely give up, or were they spooked? Other than the hole itself, the only evidence they left behind was a single footprint.

The cemetery is pretty tolerant, but leave the shovels at home. (Go here for a “Guide to Lovecraftian Sites in Rhode Island”)

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  1. Christina Bevilacqua

    Upcoming event for Lovecraftians:

    Sun 4/1, 3 – 4pm: The annual H.P. Lovecraft Service of Tribute. The 2012 tribute will take place on the front ground of Ladd Observatory, built in 1891 and frequented by H.P. Lovecraft in his boyhood years. What better way to spend a {possibly rainy and wind-swept} Sunday afternoon in April, than gathering to celebrate the literary legacy of a master writer of horror fiction? With this occasion we will also commemorate the 75th anniversary of the author’s passing. Gothic or vintage style attire is encouraged. After the proceedings at Ladd Observatory, all will be invited for a paying of respects at H.P. Lovecraft’s gravesite in Swan Point Cemetery, precisely two miles north from the performance setting. Ladd Observatory, 210 Doyle Avenue at the corner of Hope Street. For more information contact Carl L. Johnson at (401) 356-1381 or constablecj@hotmail.com.

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