New Apartment Building For Thayer Street?

gilbane-brown-student-proposal-large Head over to Greater City: Providence and join a discussion of Gilbane’s proposed apartment building facing on Thayer Street (between Euclid, Brooks and Meeting Streets). While obviously aimed at the Brown University population, the apartments will be available to the general public. The plan includes an interior courtyard with a fireplace.

You can see here that the building housing Nice Slice, further up Thayer, will be retained. Gilbane’s vision of the future seems to include lots of businessmen in suits.

Also discussed at the Brown Daily Herald.

2 thoughts on “New Apartment Building For Thayer Street?”

  1. 1) There’s enough overpriced empty apartment lofts in Providence (See: everywhere downtown)

    2) This building would demolish a building that was JUST RECENTLY remodeled.

    3) This building is hideous, and we already have a building that is its exact ugly duplicate (cafe choklad)

    4) Can you imagine the extra effing traffic and parking problems?

    5) We really don’t need (another) ugly monolith gentrification project for the East Side, specifically Brown and in particular Thayer.

  2. The preservation of Nice Slice should be the imperative that trumps any development around here.

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