Boom At Gamm

boom If you knew the end of the world was at hand, what would you do? Playwright Peter Sinn Nachtreib shares one vision in the new play boom now playing at the Gamm Theatre in Pawtucket. The discourse (and future of the human race?) is in the hands of Jo and Jules, perhaps not our best hope for repopulating the earth. According to Bill Rodriguez at The Phoenix,

boom is a backhanded creation myth, too, a version of what might have happened to bring down the end of civilization eons ago, before fish ventured onto land to evolve into human beings. Our guide, on her last day in the job, is Barbara (Wendy Overly), a hyperkinetic commentator at a museum exhibit, throwing a switch now and then to interrupt the action and make random observations that occur to her. The exhibit theme: “The resilience of life against all odds.”

Directed by Fred Sullivan Jr. — running time 80 minutes.

(Photo of Wendy Overly by Peter Goldberg.)

Through April 8, Gamm Theatre, 172 Exchange Street, Pawtucket

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