Overnight Parking Program Expands

ward 13 Starting tonight, Monday, April 16th, the overnight parking program takes effect in all of Ward 13, vividly depicted here in all its 2-dimensional, non-interactive glory (sorry, best we could do). Ward 13 includes Federal Hill, some of the downtown area, and a part of the West End. You know who you are. According to the Mayor’s Office, the overnight parking program will be phased in during the course of this spring and summer. Check the website for the roll-out schedule and for links to Resident Permit Parking FAQ’s, application form, and regulations.

Overnight parking permits are $100 per year, with a limit of two permits per household/unit. Buildings with six units or more will not be eligible for the program unless they can demonstrate a significant hardship (lack of off-street parking). Residents will also have the opportunity to purchase one $25 guest pass per household that can be used up to five times per month. Visitor passes will be available beginning in June.

Also, the city’s parking administrator will conduct a series of informational sessions in affected neighborhoods to explain expansion of overnight parking and answer any questions.

It is hoped that this new program will produce some much-needed revenue for our cash-strapped city and that people can now stop paving over their lawns to the extent that there are any actually left.

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