‘Data In Your Backyard’ — Juvenile Justice In Rhode Island

AS220 Youth invites you to join RI Kids Count for a community presentation of ‘Data in Your Backyard’  exploring Juvenile Justice in Rhode Island. Discussed will be information that reflects the recent and rapid move towards community-based correction. As a dramatic drop in the number of incarcerated youth has been seen in the state, there has been increased numbers of youth referred to residential placements and probation.  While data suggests that community-based corrections benefit youth and improve long-term outcomes, local providers are challenged to provide the intensive services that many of these young people require.

A panel discussion will follow. Probation officers, community providers, youth, and families will come together to discuss their experiences with residential programs, probation, court-mandated treatment, and transitioning back to school or work.

Presented in partnership with RI Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF).

3pm to 5pm, Thursday, May 3rd, AS220, first floor, 115 Empire Street

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