Moons, Mayors, Mayo

NASA P-41491 For the second year in a row designated Latino success story Providence Mayor Angel Taveras has snagged an invite to the official White House Cinco de Mayo celebration. But according to Ian Donnis at WRNI,

There’s a bit of irony to the Cinco de Mayo element, since Taveras doesn’t drink and the Mexican holiday is mostly celebrated in the US as an excuse to consume Mexican beer and cocktails. He’s due to return to Providence on Friday.

For some reason, the White House Cinco de Mayo party was held earlier this week on May 3rd. In other words, the Obamas spent May 3rd with a Dominican teetotaler. (Hey, put him down for St. Patrick’s Day while you’re at it, that’ll be March 12th.) At any rate, the Mayor is back home now not drinking with us.

Also in today’s news, the 2012 supermoon occurs tonight at 11:34pm, weather permitting (rain date: June 23, 2013).

Don’t forget the Cinco de Mayo block party downtown Westminster at Union Street from 4pm to 8pm. See below. It looks like the Rock ‘n’ Roll Yard Sale (in the same location) runs from 2pm to 8pm.

(Image courtesy of NASA)

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