Weekend In Music

flogging molly Friday@Lupo’s, Flogging Molly, the Devil Makes Three, Brothers from Brazil @the Spot Underground, Route 44, the Agents @Fête Lounge, A Faylene Sky, the Paramedic, Sirens and Sailors @AS220, Glowkid, Agencyof Record, Coma Coma @the Met, Beats Antique @the Narrows, Marshall Crenshaw, Bottle Rockets @Fête Ballroom, Lil B @Firehouse 13, Artifacts, El Da Sensei, Tame One

Saturday@the Met, the Schemers, the ‘Mericans @AS220, Saint Jude, Another Dead Juliet, Hulk Out, Pretty Faces, Now Denial, Yavinfive, Furnace, Weak Teeth @Speakeasy Local 121, Moga, Smith and Weeden @the Spot Underground, Funkwagon, Spiritual Rez, Jon McCartan @Fête Lounge, Il Abanico, Fall and Bounce, Sara Azriel, Beberequin, Chantal Ambroise, Jess Powers @Machines With Magnets, Arrington de Dionyso and Thollem McDonas, Bellows, Blevin Blectum

Sunday@AS220, the Blow, Trip Dicks, the Providence Dance Troupe @Local 121, Black Oil Incinerator, Jim Heffernan

(Photo of Flogging Molly)

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