Yellow Submarine — Cable Car Cinema

yellow submarine (5.12) Ever see Yellow Submarine in a movie theater?

The music-loving inhabitants of Pepperland are under siege by the Blue Meanies, a nasty group of music-hating creatures. The Lord Mayor of Pepperland dispatches sailor Old Fred to Liverpool, England, where he is to recruit the help of the Beatles. The sympathetic Beatles ride a yellow submarine to the occupied Pepperland, where the Blue Meanies have no chance against the Fab Four’s groovy tunes.

Graphic artist and illustrator Heinz Edelmann was responsible for the unique psychedelic look of the film. Check out his New York Times obit for a cool story about getting Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein to okay the project.

Rated G, running time 85 minutes, brownies for sale in the lobby.

8pm, Saturday, May 12, Yellow Submarine, Cable Car Cinema, 204 South Main Street, 272.3970

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